Here’s what our friends have been saying:

We’ve been part of the GST family for 2 years.  Without a doubt my only regret about training at Genuwin is that I didn’t find them sooner.  Marcy and Dana have embraced my daughter and developed such a great relationship with her.  She is encouraged, pushed, challenged and supported in ways I never knew were possible.  She is excited to go to every lesson or training session.  The staff at GST all train not just what to do, but why to do it and how to do it better.  The GST staff push accountability, responsibility, integrity and honestly.  They lead by example.  They are training up not just good athletes, but good people.  I could not more strongly recommend GST.  

~The Laube Family

Being a mother of 5 (4 daughters and 1 son) it is by luck that we fell into the Genuwin Sports Training Family.  Softball became our girls sport of choice and finding the right home where they would thrive was extremely important.   Not only have Coach Marcy and Coach Dana been role models for our children, but they have also been mentors for my husband and I.  They have provided our girls with the mental and physical strength to take on this game.  They encourage them to put the time and effort into themselves and that hard work pays off.  

Our oldest daughter switched to batting lefty at age10. This year she is a freshman, starting on her high school varsity team.  The training she received from Genuwin has brought her game to the next level.  From our 7 year old to our 14 year old, GST has helped pave the way for our daughters to become strong successful young women.

~Lauren McLaughlin

Genuwin Sports Training has so much to offer. A little about the facility…They have 7 batting cages with machines for both baseball and softball. They also have 2 full infields for your ground game and ceilings tall enough to work on pop fly drills as well. They also have a great equipment store on site for all your softball and training needs. All the staff and instructors are top notch and are friendly and great to work with.

About the trainers…Marcy and Dana are two of the best in the business. My daughter has worked with both over the last 2 years. While she trains 1 on 1 with Dana mostly, she has been fortunate to train with both coaches as part of her softball program. She has grown leaps and bounds compared to years past. Her confidence both on the playing field and off have really been the most improved. The best part about working with them is that they hold your athlete accountable. Are they working on the little things on their own time? It’s about process with them, doing the little things right over and over to perfect it. Of course, they love seeing the results as much as anyone, but its also about the student athlete. Are they focused on educational goals as much as they are sports goals? Its about engaging in your child’s life and pushing him/her in ways they may not be yet. If you have an opportunity to train with them, don’t pass it up! I have seen them go above and beyond in so many ways, and above all, they are LEADERS and AMAZING role models to your child!

~Shawn Bird

I have had the privilege of knowing Coach Marcy and Coach Dana since my oldest 2 daughters (now 23 and 22) began private lessons at GenuWIN Sports Training when they were in elementary school.  Over the years my girls trained countless hours at GST surrounded and coached by strong, confident women that remain role models to them today.   So, when it came time for my youngest (now 11) to begin her softball journey, there was zero doubt where we would start. 

I have always been impressed with the GST Staff and their dedication to developing young athletes not only in their fundamental softball skills but also in life skills to help them become strong, confident, successful adults. 

When my daughters go to GenuWIN, they know it’s time to work hard.  They know it’s time for discipline and accountability.  And above that, they know it’s an environment where they are supported and cared for.  For as long as we’ve known the GST staff, the culture has always avidly enforced leadership.  On multiple occasions, my older two have credited GST for life skills that extend far outside the world of softball. They proudly speak/ present in work meetings, spearhead projects in school, stand up and question the status quo, and lead change knowing that the habits instilled in them at GenuWIN largely helped give them the confidence to do so.   

Over the years I have seen how the GST Staff are continually educating themselves on how to grow and develop young athletes with new drills and exercises to prepare each of their students to succeed at that next level.    Each of their staff trains the same techniques so there is consistency across the board.  In addition to private lessons, they offer numerous opportunities for camps (ex. age-level skills camps, catching camps, etc.) and training (speed & agility) throughout the year. 

Since day one GST staff have always facilitated the TEAM mentality, embodied what it means to WORK HARD, and ultimately doing what is RIGHT.

You have all heard the saying, “’it takes a village to raise a child”, and I consider my daughters and I to be so very fortunate that Coach Marcy, Coach Dana and the GST staff have been on this journey with our family.  The GenuWIN experience was always bigger than the game of softball for my daughters and I.   We owe so much to the GenuWIN team.  They are truly the best in the game.

~Dana Malburg (Nicole, Natalie & Noelle Bond)