Here is what our friends are saying.

As a former competitive athlete and presently a mom/coach of 2 boys, I signed my children up for a 1 day baseball/softball clinic at GenuWin Sports Training. I was completely impressed with structure of the clinic, the instructors, and the facility. It’s so important for kids to learn the fundamentals of any sport, but to be able to learn them in a FUN atmosphere is the best. The individualized attention that the instructors paid to every child was incredible. No one could feel left out, bored, or intimidated. My compliments to Marcy Kritikos and her experienced staff on a great day and great experience for my kids! They loved it!
Thank you. Debbie Kliegl

My daughter got so much out of your clinic on June 10. She came home and showed her brother all she learned! My kids have attended camps taught by high school coaches and got more out of the hour and a half GenuWin clinic than they did out of a week’s camp through our high schools. The difference is that Marcy explains and breaks down all the steps involved. Having the girls work in smaller groups helped too. My daughter is bright and a quick learner, but she said she felt intimidated by the other camps because they had a “jock” mentality rather than a “hey, you can do this too, let us show you how” mentality. We will definitely join your clinics and tell our friends about your informative, competitive yet nurturing program.
Thanks. Mary Ann H.

Want to bring out the best in your daughter? Then bring them to Marcy and her team of trainers at GenuWin Sports. I was first introduced to GenuWin Sports Training in the fall of 2012 when my daughter’s softball organization started training there. All I can say is, “Wow this place is Amazing!”

From the first team training session I was blown away at the pace and professional level of instruction that the GenuWin training team provides. Fielding & throwing mechanics, speed and agility, respect for the game, respect for yourself, hard work and so much more. During the car ride home after one of her sessions, my daughter said “Dad, I think I’ve learned more in the last month from Marcy than I have in the past 3 years!”

As a dad you want the best for your daughter. There is no doubt in my mind that my daughter is being trained and taught the game of softball by the best group of instructors around. The only problem is that we didn’t find them 3 years ago!

Thank you Marcy and team for everything you’ve done for the 13U Dirt Devils. I am truly excited to see what the next season will bring.

Brian Mallinder

My daughter was in your hitting clinic on June 10 and loved it! Both of us learned a ton which we can take back to her team.
Thanks. Eric Steier

Amazing.  Sign up for a camp and sit back and watch as the Genuwin team gets the absolute most out of each and every participant.  Genuwin isn’t just about sports training, it’s about coaching players to be their best on and off the field.  It’s about fundamentals and mechanics, but also respect for the game, teammates and coaches.  If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, Genuwin will help you maximize your potential, and help you become a better person along the way.

Each of my daughters has had the privilege of being trained at Genuwin Sports Training.  Their camps are best in class – it’s amazing to watch the Genuwin team work the fundamentals and get the most out of each and every player.  Their individual training sessions are outstanding – they can help break the bad habits and develop good ones.  The Genuwin team has an uncanny ability to recognize the little things that can make a big difference.  But what I find exceptional is that they not only teach the fundamentals, they also teach respect for the game, for teammates, and for coaches.  They’ve made my daughters better softball players and better people.   If your player is willing to put in the work, this is a great place to do it!

We lucked into Genuwin 6 years ago when looking for someone to help our daughter reach her goal to be a high school pitcher.  It was scary at times as Dana reworked her entire pitching motion, but the end result was amazing – better control, increased speed, and good pitch variety.  Dana helped her become a better pitcher, hitter, and teammate, and as a result, my daughter was able to have great success.  Our other 2 daughters have followed, and Genuwin has helped them maximize their talents as well.  If you’re dedicated to being the best, there’s no better place to do it!

Bill Mickow

My daughter was in your hitting clinic on June 10 and loved it! Both of us learned a ton which we can take back to her team. Thanks.

Our daughter, Peyton has attended both private lessons and numerous camps at Genuwin Sports Training for the past four years.  The instruction and staff is exceptional; second to know one.  They focus on building fundamental skill, injury prevention and most impressive are their attitudes toward every girl with whom they work with.  The camps, clinics and training they offer are extremely affordable, fast paced and incorporate US Olympic drills and instruction.  They do not only provide the best instruction, but they operate with advocacy for the sport and the girls.  My daughter has gained not only skill in her sport, but become a strong leader and competitor, while exercising humility and compassion all while playing a sport she has grown to love and have passion for.  This is a result of everything Genuwin Sports Training stands for.  We cannot say enough about Coach Marcy, Coach Dana and the entire staff at Genuwin; for sharing their passion and knowledge with our daughter.  They have helped her become the athlete she is today; and realize the person she aspires to be!

The Loesch’s (P-Sawyer’s Parents)

Hello my name is Brian Delrose. Recently my 13 year old daughter Bailey thru her softball organization the Joliet Dirt Devils has become affiliated with Genuwin Sports training in Romeoville Illinois. The mere fact that they offer a state of the art facility with fields, hitting/pitching cages, and equipment only tells a small part of what you receive when you become a member of the Genuwin family. I’ve been involved with organized baseball and softball  my entire life and I can say without hesitation what sets Genuwin apart from all other training facilities is the staff. From the moment we entered the training program less than 3 months ago we were treated and accepted as the most important people to walk in their facility. It would not be an exaggeration for me to say in less than 3 months my daughters skill level and knowledge of the game of softball has doubled from what she has received from the staff. To say that I would recommend Genuwin for anyone having a young athlete would be an understatement. The best way I can describe in words my feelings about Genuwin Sports would be if you have a young athlete or team of young athletes that want to learn the game of baseball or softball, and you’re willing to give 110 percent effort to becoming the best you can be. Why would you choose anywhere else but Genuwin?

Thankfully yours,

Brian R. Delrose